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SLS Prototype

What kind of prototype are suitable for SLS prototype processing method to make?
  • The prototypes required precise dimensions
  • The prototypes required high-temperature resistance during functional test
  • The prototypes required impact-resistance during functional test


               Heat resistance prototype                                                      SLS prototype to paint


What information you need to provide to us when adopt SLS prototype processing method to make prototype?   
First, the provided 3D picture must be entity diagram, All the 3D picture cannot convert to STL form are not entity diagram.
Second, change the 3D picture to the picture with the suffix STL(such as “name .stl”). Pay attention:Should change the chord height and angle control of the export STL dialog deviation control options to 0.0000 during conversion, and then click apply optionsthe system will accept the best parameters automatically.Last , click OK. As follows:


SLS prototyping processing principle

SLS is the abbreviation of selective laser sintering. The selective laser sintering process principle is contour of prototype which need to be processed into each layer, along the CAD path, the laser scan on each layer of PA powder, the illuminated powder melt into solid liquid, layer by layer accumulated to form the outline of the prototype. Then the table cooling after the machine stopped, and the liquid cooled molding.

         SLS Prototyping Processing Principle Video                                SLS Processing Principle Diagram

Technical specifications of SLS prototyping

             SLS Prototype Machine

What’s the difference between  SLS and  SLA?
First, the processing material is different, SLS sintering adopt PA powder to process, whereas SLA adopt photosensitive resin.
Second, SLS prototype can resist high temperature and impact power, and the strength is good. But SLA prototype is easy to deform when the temperature over 60 degree celsius, and the strength is poor, easy to break.The only bad thing is the surface post-processing treatment of SLS is less convenient than SLA prototyping.but CNC prototype is very goodin both  performance.

     SLS Prototype(PA+30%GF)                            SLS Prototype                                   Functional Prototype  
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