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Verify The Function Test Design

verify the functional prototype manufacture solutions
Another purpose for the customer to make prototype is to verify the material of the designed product whether can reach the operate requirement, generally we call this kind of prototype as functional prototype. Its function mainly to verify the material itself strength, hardness,and heat resistances properties. In general, adopt CNC prototype process method to manufacture functional prototyping, the material adopted is the closest to the customer engineering materials of designed product (picture C1-1), so CNC process is the most common, and the most reasonable manufacture solutions of functional prototyping.The material for the SLA prototype process method is light sensitive resins similar as ABS, its strength and heat resistances(less than 60 Degrees Celsius) are decide it not fit for manufacturing function test prototype. When the prototype not only need to resist impact, but also resist the high temperature (picture C1-2), it is most reasonable to choose SLS prototype


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