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Verify The Appearance Design

Verify appearance prototype manufacture solutions:
When customer only need to make the prototype to verify the appearance designed requirements, for example, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the color is coordinate, whether the size is reasonable. It is cheapest to adopt CNC prototype to process. Because when make prototype, only need  to process the outer shape, not the inner structure and shape, so it not only greatly save CNC process time, but also save the human time of postprocessing for the product structure. In contrast, SLA prototype and SLS prototype process method's process principle is step by step scanned according product's outline, so they cannot save process time, and the cost of these two process method are much higher than CNC process method.
Case study
The above picture A1-1 is a cosmetic box assembled by six parts. If make appearance prototype, only need to make the three different colors exposure by picture A1-1, and no need to carve the invisible structure part (picture A12), it will greatly save process time and also save the prototype manufacture cost. So, the most reasonable solution is adopt CNC manufacture method.
Carl dempsey
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