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What is Prototype?
In the process of product design, after we have completed the design drawings, the most thing we want to do is to know what the specific object made from our designed products would be like, whether the appearance meets our design idea or not and the structure design is reasonable.
Prototype manufacturing derives from this need. Simply speaking, Prototype is one or several products which are made on the condition that we do not mold and made according to the drawing of the product design or structure, which can be also served as a functional model used for checking the appearance or the reasonability of structure.
Can Omix prototype's people speak English?
Yes, both our sales and project engineer can speak English fluently.
How long do you need to quote?
Normally, within 12 hours,no more than 1 days.
What software do you use during your communication with the customer?
AutoCAD, UG, Pro/E Solidwork .
What type of software files is acceptable for us?
What’s the plastic material that Omix prototype typically uses?
SLA – Hard Epoxy, Clear Epoxy and Flexible Epoxy
SLS –Nylon, Glass Filled Nylon, and a Variety of Metals.
Silicon Mould-ABS, PU, translucent PU and soft PU
CNC: PMMA,PA, PP, PC, POM, ABS, aluminum alloy , magnesium alloy , bakelite etc.
What kinds of secondary operation do Omix prototype do ?
drilled, tapped, electroplate, or sanded and painted to replicate the look and feel of the final product. Polishing, pad printing, hot stamping, Oil spraying, Silk Screen Printing, laser etching, and so on.
Which rapid prototype process should I use?
It depends on your part design, functional intent, and material thickness. In general, larger parts or trade show models should use CNC Machining; very thin parts should use SLS or SLA Processes. At Superior prototype , we know the ins-and-outs of each prototyping technology and we will help get you the parts you need. and one of our Prototyping Engineers will be happy to assist you.
Can I use Rapid Prototypes to create moulds?
You can use rapid prototypes to create moulds for limited and small production runs.
Can I add colors, finishes or texture to my rapid prototype parts?
Depending on the process and materials you choose. Our rapid prototype specialists can assist you.
What’s your payment term?
After confirmed our quotation, customer pay 50% deposit to our basic account in HSBC.
After finished prototype producing, we will take pictures to customer for confirmation. If everything is OK, then pay the balance to our company. And then ,we will express the products to customer by UPS, and also provide tracking number for customers’ reference.
When can my company get credit with Omix prototype?
Except in very exceptional circumstances, all new rapid prototyping customers must pay in advance for the first 5 orders after which we will consider giving 30 days credit. Except in very special cases, all tooling orders require 50% in advance, even for clients that have credit terms and typically the balance must be paid after T1 approval of samples. Terms are negotiable with each individual customer.
How would you describe a preferred customer?
Prompt response, good communication, payment on time.
Need how many days to produce a set prototype?
Specific circumstance need specific analysis. Generally, need 3-5 days to finish a set of SLA prototype and SLS prototype, if no need surface after treatment, then 3 days is enough, if need surface after treatment, need 5 days. Whereas, it need 5-7 days to finish a set of CNC prototype.
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