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CNC Prototype

What kind of prototype are suitable for CNC prototype processing method?
  • Exterior prototypes
  • prototype with material capability requirement (such as PP material, cannot fracture when bending)
  • prototype with metallic material
  • prototype with big size (such as air-conditioning,color-TV)

CNC Prototype Technological Process:


What information do you need to provide to us when adopt prototype CNC machining processing method to make prototype?

  • Provide us 3D picture which the suffix is prt, step, iges, x_t, sldprt.
  • Explain the prototype’s quantity, material, color and surface effect of every 3D picture, you had bettermake a list. As show below:


  • Need to provide the internationally accepted color, such as pantone: cool grey 3c, but not only cold grey.
  • There are three kinds surface paint effects: glossy surface, matt surface, sand surface , every prototypeneed spray should explain the surface effect.
  • The prototype which the surface require screen printing and laser carving,need to provide theproportion 1:1 adobe illustrator(AI) or coreldraw file. And explain screen printing font pantone color.

The prototype which need to control the size tolerance and assemble requirement, should indicate clearly by PDF or JPEG icon, so that we can control these requirements during producing.


What are the obvious advantages of CNC prototype which compare with SLA prototype and SLS prototype processing method?

The biggest advantage of CNC prototyping is the material is very close to the engineering material designed, but the processing material of SLA prototyping is photosensitive resin, the performance only can close to ABS, the processing material of SLS prototyping is PA or PA+30%GF.
Another biggest advantage is there are no limited size for CNC prototype processing method, for the bigsize prototype, we can split the parts need to process to several small pieces, and then bonding the small pieces after processing, the effect is very close to the overall processing. But these only limited ABS, PC, PMMA three kinds material.

(The diagram of split and process shown as below)

                         before split                                          split to small pieces                                   after bonding

The commonly used material list of CNC prototype production:

Plastic material:

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ( ABS )                                         Polyethylene ( PE )
Polyoxymethylene ( POM )                                                            Polypropylene ( PP )
polyamide  ( PA )                                                                           Acrylic ( PMMA )
Polycarbonate  ( PC )                                                                    Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC )
phenolic                                                                                         Teflon

Metals material:
 6061 Aluminum                                                                            Standard steel ( 45# steel )
 7075 Aluminum                                                                             Stainless steel
■ Copper ( Cu )                                                                                Mild steel
Processing case:

                CNC Prototype                                CNC Machining Prototype                             Exterior Prototype  
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